For our customer in Hasselt, we are urgently looking for a freelance User Experience Designer.  Applications need to be in before 29th of May.

The UX Designer it the person who is the advocate of the user within the development team, incorporating all aspects of user focused design considerations including information architecture, user centered design, user testing, interaction design, and even aspects of visual design.
The role requires both broad and deep knowledge of human interaction, design patterns (on premise, web and mobile technology), and the ability to develop the best possible solution for the users and their context by mapping a customer’s business problem to an end-to-end technology solution.
The UX expert should be able to work in depth for a specific project, providing advice and coaching to analysts and developers, as well as across projects, designing and building the UX process, keeping it aligned to the overall SDLC (and maintaining this as well).

Tasks and responsibilities

  • You are able to cooperate closely with developers, technical architects, analysts, project management.
  • You are able to cooperate closely with product developers and business development.
  • User research and observation: You are the go to person when it comes to user research and user observation (user interviews, observation, surveys, …) and you are able to use the right method for the right phase of the project. Traditional outcomes are a library of personas and customer journey maps (initiation phase), user testing, A/B testing, … (execution phase).
  • Wireframing and Mockups: You are responsible for the quality of the designs in order to achieve the best possible quality. You guard the overall consistency  of the user experience. For this you take the user’s needs and goals into account.
  • You are responsible for the overall quality of the user experience and are able to think strategically and end-to-end for a complete user experience. You are able to identify and report potential gaps in the overall user experience to the respective stakeholders.
  • You are a sparring partner for the UX Lead and other team members when discussing design problems.
  • You know how to design interaction and are able to work out mockups to support development:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Balsamiq
  • You understand how modern web and mobile app development works, although you don’t code yourself. Understanding technical discussion concerning responsive design, grid systems like Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, icon web fonts, SVG’s, etc. are a plus.  You are familiar with the design patterns that are used for each type of development.
  • Experience with Scrum is an asset
  • Strong interest in UX experience, knowledge of UCD processes
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and ability to multi-task
  • Big picture-oriented and a strategic thinker with ability to identify and articulate emerging trends and opportunities
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to build good working relationships to work alongside technical, business, and other teams
  • Flexible and open to change
  • Ability to inspire and engage project team

Send your resume and motivation to Bob Goossens: