As a Specialist Class you are an authority with regards to Class Specifications, preferably in depth knowledge of the Passenger Yacht Code. You are responsible for translating the Class regulations into internal procedures/ guidance. You will coordinate with the Class society and determine possible risks in an early stage. You safeguard all subcontractors are working conform the Class Specifications. You will be part of the Global Engineering Network of Damen Shipyards Gorinchem. 

Tasks & Responsibilities 
– Safeguard all (Engineering) partners work according  the Passenger Yacht Code Specifications;
– Control new designs, and perform feasibility studies in the pre-design phase to determine potential conflicts;
– Train specialists on Passenger Yacht Code Regulations;
– Maintain relation with Class Society and organise regular meetings.

– You have completed a Bachelor Degree in Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering or Marine Engineering; 
– You have at least 3 years of relevant work experience;
– You master good communication skills in English;
– Preferably you have worked with one of the Class Societies;
– You are quality conscious and team work is important to you;
– Willingness to travel on a frequent basis;
– Knowledge of the Passenger Yacht Code.

Department Information

The Damen Shipyards Global Engineering Network is comprised of many Engineering Partners who work closely together in order to finish the complete design of each ship. This process is managed by the engineering department in Gorinchem. The work is carried out within four product groups: Tugs, High Speed Craft/Ferries, Offshore and Transport, and Damen Technical Cooperation. Each group is directed by an Engineering Manager and consists of a number of project teams. Each team includes both shipbuilding and mechanical engineers, directed by the Project Manager, who work on one or more projects at a time. 

The Engineering Department is responsible for transforming the initial design into a complete and practicable engineering package. Engineering focuses on the development of both existing Damen ship types and new designs. The Engineering Department is also involved during the production phase of each ship and provides support as necessary.