Streefdatum 1 sep 2016
Target End Date31 dec 2016
You will be working within the Building Blocks tribe, which accelerates delivery of IT squads throughout the client by providing enablers such as a Continuous Delivery pipeline, Cassandra keyspace-as-a-service, and generic code libraries that are reused by a large amount of teams.
The products built by your team will be used by an internal, international community of users. To leverage this, the products of your team are developed as open source products within the client so that all members of this community can contribute to them by participating in bi-weekly community meetings and submitting merge requests.
Your job description
Your team is part of the API Platform and provides generic solutions for other teams that build APIs, such as an API authentication component and a resilient HTTP-client. Most APIs are written in Java and the same applies for the solutions built by your team, so excellent Java skills are required. However, Scala is gaining momentum and also in your team new features and applications are generally written in Scala.
Just as the members of your products community can submit merge requests, within your team collaboration is done following the same process.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a senior IT developer that has experience with RESTful APIs and is able to work in a highly dynamic and international context. Proven engineering skills are a must. The person applying for this role needs to have knowledge of and experience with RESTful API development and open source technology & way of working. Excellent Java skills are required and interests in and eagerness to learn Scala is also a prerequisite. Besides that, experience in developing tools or frameworks to be used by other developers is a pre and taking responsibility for the quality of what you deliver is a must.

In order to fit well in your new team, the minimal requirements on your profile are

  • Excellent Java skills, including expertise on key parts of the Java ecosystem
  • Understanding of Functional Programming principles and (provable) eagerness to learn Scala (experience with Scala is big plus!)
  • Very high quality standards
  • Experience with REST as architectural style
  • Good understanding of working with pull-requests
  • Good communication and social skills