Voor een directe relatie zijn wij op zoek naar een Python Developer.

Deadline: 28-07-2016
Tarief: n.o.t.k. (scherp!)
Start: z.s.m.
Duur: 3 tot 6 maanden met optie op verlenging
Uren: 40
Ervaring: 5 – 10 jaar

Graag bij buitenlandse kandidaten onderstaande MUSTS:
– EU work permit
– Ruime Europese ervaring (ook terug te zien in het CV)
– Englisch fluent
– Tarief incl. reis en verblijfkosten 

Job Mission:
Develop software and tooling to create Customer Profiles. A Customer Profile is a description of the hardware, software and application configuration of a customer factory, including the usage patterns and data usage. This profile has to be extracted from a great variety of data sources. The profile is used to run simulations in the Virtual Fab that is currently being developed. Having a good profile will reduce test time and will reduce the risk of software failure at the customer site. The simulation will show the impact of new software deliveries on a customer fab before the software is actually delivered tothe customer.

Main Responsibilities:
– Analyze data resources, define relations.
– Create tooling that performs the required data processing and creates a Customer Profile from it. The software starts as internal tooling but needs to be able to run in the customer’s fab later on.
– MSc in Computer Science, Software Development or Software Engineering
– 5 years or more of experience with Python development in any industry/sector.
– Experience managing full-life development cycles
– Strong coding practices, including conducting peer code reviews, developing unit tests, documentation and experience with agile methods
– Experience designing, developing, and testing for performance, scalability and availability.
– Strong in Data Structures & Algorithms. Strong unit test and debugging skills.
– Experience with UML and SQL.
– Experience in GUI design using Django.
– Fluent in English
Personal skills:
– Strong interpersonal analytical skills, drive to understand the context.
– Thrive in a team environment and work well with others
– High energy, outgoing personality that adapts well to a variety of types of individuals and different levels within each organization.