Job Description
Scheme Administration

  • SPOC of the Scheme
  • For new scheme : paperwork to register the license according the Scheme requirements (incl. certificates, guarantee, …)
  • Security officer for Scheme extranet (manage the accesses of the users, perform required registrations, …)
  • Financial Management: Budget, Invoices control, actuals follow up …
  • Deliver the mandatory reports (QMR – QOC)

Operate the COGIT

  • Maintain schemes up2dated libraries (MC: daily publications, Visa: 2-3/week, …)
  • Knowledge : Deep knowledge of the Rules & Pricing – Overall knowledge of the whole documentation
  • Delivery of the information internally Via COGIT and on request
  • (context EWC / WL SA/NV)

Internal FIN Reporting: Prudential Reports, Monthly/Quarterly closing reports …
Risk Management: Report to Corporate RM, PML Risk analysis,
Support to VIB/EPB/BCO: Consultancy of PS Department integrated in Service Agreements
Consultancy BCMC: Billable consultancy for BCMC Sepa scheme building (e.g. Scheme documentation)
Services to Issuers: Delivery of QMR-QOC …
Support to Projects

  • Spider for BCO, PLUM for BNPP, PML migration, BNPP Acquiring in Germany, AG move … (N.B. : Clarity report to be used by the project manager to bill all internal costs)
  • Certifications : support to obtain terminals/host certification (N.B. : Clarity to integrate in internal initial costs)

Acquiring in New Countries: Consultancy & support to start acquiring in SK – Cz – UK – … (N.B. : should be integrated in the rainbow)
Build of tools

  • Develop tools allowing to speed up the delivery of reports and services

–      Internal reports (Prudential, closing, …)
–      Billable reports (QMR-QOC for PML’s)

  • Backup management : Documentation in order to allow each team member to perform the recurrent reporting

WebFocus migration: knowledge of the new tool for data extraction:

  • Standard recurrent data collection performed by IT
  • Data analysis & BI @ PS team

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in scheme management
  • Knowledge of Mastercard schemes and/or VISA is a must
  • Business minded 
  • Drive for results and persistent
  • Negotiation skills
  • P&L understanding and financial basis
  • Project management capabilities
  • Office-tools (Excel & Powerpoint)
  • Able to work in a transversal organization
  • Knowledge of Dutch, French and English is required
  • Excellent people manager & team motivator