Function Description:
  • Blend in with an agile software development team, developing business products in short development cycles (using scrum)
  • Understand and model business requirements related to gas flow management processes (specifically allocations, billing and business intelligence), while respecting the existing architecture and systems.
  • Interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational specifications, leveraging modeling tools.
  • Assist the developers in producing high quality products, based on defined specifications
  • Contribute to the definition of enhancements for applications and team operations.
  • Participate in estimating and prioritizing development activities required to address the business requirements
  • Participate in support interventions on (critical) production systems
  • Help to produce test scenarios for system and integration testing
  • Assist the testing expert in and execute system tests and acceptance tests with end users


  • Business requirements are analyzed, understood and documented in Epics and User Stories Writing effective user stories that are very clear and concise and are easy to understand and implement by the development team
  • Analyze existing documentation and gather information from within the Project Team and from the business
  • Take initiatives for meetings with the business and be responsible for the follow up.
  • Document business processes using activity diagrams, information models and sequence diagrams.
  • Produce functional system specifications compliant to the methodology standards, CBD oriented (Component Based Development)
  • Produce business component interface specifications compliant to the methodology standards (CBD)
  • Produce & follow-up test scenarios on a component and system level
  • Review functional system specifications of peers
  • Review business component interface specifications of peers

Experience & expertise:

  • Applied mathematics background and experience
  • background knowledge on (gas) flow management domain is an asset
  • experience working effectively with software engineering teams
  • experience working on Business Intelligence (BI) projects is an asset
  • sound knowledge of UML and Business Process Modeling techniques (including Role Activity Diagrams)
  • good knowledge of the CBD principles
  • good knowledge of Business Intelligence (BI) systems and dimensional modelling
  • knowledge of GUI design and user-friendliness oriented design
  • knowledge of architectural techniques and structures
  • Good technical affinity, able to do bottom-up reconstruction of application functionalities, starting from technical documentation or even codebase.
  • Analytical and synthesizing skills to clearly define problems and requirements and determine solutions with controllable impact for them on mission-critical applications.
Technical Skills:
  • the ability to analyze functional problems and to choose the most appropriate solution
  • the ability to produce precise and formal specifications for systems or business components compliant to the methodology standards (CBD)
  • fluency in the use of the following tools:
  • documentation-communication tools (Microsoft Office or equivalent) o modeling tools (UML based CASE tools like Enterprise Architect)
  • change and configuration management tools (MS VSTS)
  • project reporting tools (timesheet reporting)
  • Sound knowledge of technical matters like databases, database queries, .NET architectures, code sourcing. Needed to be able to do bottom-up research for problem diagnostics and / or requirements impact analysis.
Personal Skills:
  • Goal directed attitude
  • Ability to work relatively independently and proactively following the priorities and timing of the project plan, under supervision of the project leader.
  • Ability to detect priority conflicts, be able to advise on possible options and discuss solution with stakeholders
  • Analytical skills allowing rapid learning of various and new businesses or technical matters in the context of multi products maintenance.
  • Ability to work in a structured way following the procedures of the project (check-in, check-out, time sheet reporting, punctuality)
  • Ability to work according to rules, standards and guidelines defined in the architecture
  • Good balance between methodological approach and respect for practical constraints.
  • Ability to communicate realistic predictions about the analysis work
  • Ability to communicate in Dutch (spoken) or French (spoken) and English (written).
  • Customer, solution and improvement minded