For one of our clients in Brussels, we are looking for an IS Architect with SOA experience.  Work permit can be provided.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design, develop and enhance a complex IS architecture (SOA) involving several systems with heterogeneous technologies
  • Assistance with the implementation of the architecture
  • Give recommendations, assist in governance definition, define methodologies, best practices
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • Business process analysis and modelling
  • Data and Data Flow analysis, data modelling.
  • IS Cost/benefit analysis. Knowledge and skills
  • Expertise in IT systems architecture.
  • Expertise in enterprise architecture models (specifically SOA2 and EDA3), frameworks and tools.
  • Expertise in Messaging and specifically with the following features: reliability, security, correlation, routing, and “Message Exchange Patterns” (MEPs).
  • Expertise in the interoperability domain
  • Good knowledge of IS governance
  • Good knowledge of quality proceduresExperience in a finance or accounting department/environment (for example: finance applications (corporate bookkeeping systems, corporate billing systems, …) or banks, clearing houses, stock exchange, …) is an advantage.
  • English only
In addition to the Knowledge and Skills, one or more of the following:
  • Expertise in Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA).
  • Expertise with modelling tools such as PowerDesigner or Rational modelling tools.
  • Expertise in agile development methodologies (e.g. RUP) or modelling (e.g. UML).
  • Expertise in XML technologies (schemas, XSLT, XQuery…)
  • Expertise with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data-interchange format.
  • Expertise with Web Services (WSDL, REST, SOAP, UDDI).
  • Expertise with JMS Queues/Topics.
  • Expertise in data-warehousing
Employment time: Fulltime
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels

Please send your resume to Bob Goossens: