La oportunidad única
Seleccionamos en Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Huesca, Valencia, Sevilla

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¿Te acabas de graduar o te gradúas en junio y te interesaría ir a trabajar en el exterior? Es la oportunidad a que estabas esperando!
Nueva seleccion tras los excelentes resultados en selecciones anteriores, 30 joven dentistas graduados en 2013/14 y 2015 ya están trabajando con nuestros clientes en Holanda. (si queréis te pongamos en contacto con tus colegas para intercambiar experiencias e información)
En 2016 Seleccionamos 30 joven dentistas españoles para trabajar en Holanda. Esta oferta se dirige a todos los odontólogos graduándose en 2016 o graduado 2015 si están interesados en establecerse como profesional en el mundo dental en Holanda o Belgicá.

la oferta inlclue clases de Neerlandés intensivos serán en España y duran 5 meses hasta nivel B1.
(en Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Sevilla)

La oferta, “The job offer”

The Netherlands
Several larger and smaller practices. They offer every general dentistry solution available in the market, but also focus on prevention.


  • Licenciado en Odontología/ Grado en Odontology.
  • Candidates with additional masters naturally are welcome
  • Good level of English
  • Willing to follow an intensive Dutch language Course to B1 level in 18 weeks in Spain. Starting July 1st 2016
We are looking for Dentists that:
  • Put the patient first
  • Are care orientated, team workers but also responsible independent persons.
  • Are open to feedback and have a good sense of self reflection and modesty.
  • Are flexible in location and working hours.


The offer
  • The preparation on Dentistry in Holland will be paid by your employer
  • For the language trainingwe will ask you for a fee that can be reembursable with help of subsidies on completion of the course. 
  • A fixed contract and salary for the first period (12-18 month’s) Thereafter an indefinite contract
  • A pleasant working environment in a young and dynamic team.
  • Good on the job support by senior dentists
  • Modern working locations, labs and equipment
  • Support with your registration in the national registers
  • Support with your relocation to the Netherlands and during your probation period.
  • Possibilities for personal and professional development.



Selection process:
  1. January – March 2016
    1. Please present your CV, en Ingles
  2. Please include a photo and a copy of your passport and diploma.
  3. We will call you for a skype interview and send you three documents to fill in.
  4. We will invite you for an information session and first interview by Skype
  5. We will invite you for interviews in Spain with our clients
  6. The Dutch classes will start on 4 July 2016
    1. ​For the Dutch lessons a payment will required as commitment. When you finish the training and start working there are subsidies available to cover your cost 
  7.  On Achieving the A1 level you will travel to Holland / Belgium in august for a face to face interviews and technical tests with your future clinic
  8. Training will resume on august 25 the training will be subsidized.
    1. You will have several tests and exams in A1, A2 and B1 level.
  9. When you have passed the exams you will start work in the Netherlands on January 2 2017


Content of Training and Coaching
  1. 360 hours of Dutch lessons plus homework
  2. Part of the preparation in Spain will be a number of seminars in Spain by well-known Dutch Dentists informing you about specific items in Dutch Dentistry and differences between the profession in Spain and Holland
  3. In Holland you will have bi-weekly coaching sessions


Salary conditions:
1. You will start working for the first year on a fixed contact and receive a monthly salary of
    around €2850,00 (before tax) after taxes you will earn around 2.150€ net per month
2. After this period and with good qualifications/recommendations you will receive a new
    indefinite contract.  Your salary, usually based on a % of invoicing, can gradually increase
    to around €4500,00 – € 5000,00 (before tax).