Your background:

  • University degree in IT or equivalent from experience
  • Last 4-5 years spent in a “server/services” application development function, having worked on complex business logic applications, distributed architecture, and involving realtime/mission critical communications with third parties over Internet or telco links.
  • Functional or technical background in the Banking/Finance sector is a plus


  • Very good command of English (corporate working language)
  • Knowledge of French and/or Dutch

Technical skills:

  • Hands-on expertise in the following technologies is required:
    • Borland Delphi 6+
    • .Net 4.0+ technologies (C#)
    • T-SQL query language (as developer)
  • Knowledge in some of the following domains or technologies can be considered as an asset to complete or back-up our existing team’s talents:
    • Deep knowledge of Windows environment (server and client)
    • Load test tools (HP LoadRunner or MicroFocus Silk Performer)
    • Cryptography and related tools like OpenSSL
    • Web development basics (HTML/XTHML, JavaScript, CSS, HTTP, XML)
    • VB.Net, ASP.Net, WCF, MVC, Linq,…
    • Web application security
    • Usability
    • Web application performance, stress testing and metrics
    • Application monitoring and assisted functional testing
    • Agile/Scrum methodology

Soft skills:

  • Good analytical, integrative thinking ability. Ability to quickly understand complex matters
  • Ability to work in a matrix-based organization, both reporting to a line manager and to functional managers (project managers & coordinators, specialists,…)
  • Good communication skills, ability to work with different profiles and personalities and to adapt communication styles accordingly
  • Solution oriented, you like to see things completed as expected
  • Ability to be a real team player and having a flexible character
  • Ability to manage own activities and reports issues and important milestones on time.


After an initial intake period and some “integration” projects, you become involved in the daily operations (auditing, support and optimization) of our payment platform. In parallel, you implement and integrate added value services and features on our payment platform. Both missions are performed in a highly challenging environment with strong security, performance, volume growth and zero downtime constraints. Progressively and depending on your results, you acquire expertise in specific matters both functional and technical, and get the opportunity to be a subject matter expert on these matters, used as a reference person by your direct colleagues and other teams.
Developing new connections to financial actors on our payment platform:
You work in close collaboration with your direct colleagues and other Ingenico ePayments teams to deliver and let certify connections to new financial actors (banks or credit card institutions, actors like Paypal, Amazon,…)
Building on this project team work:

  • You discuss business requirements built from customer needs with product management and other business teams, representing the customer perspective
  • You leverage the diverse expertise in your team, you analyse the business requirements and finally propose innovative technical solutions and architecture to answer to them, you split the project in smaller segment in order to size it more realistically
  • You implement the proposed applications in accordance with standards and methodologies
  • You respect planning and budget you committed at the beginning of the project, and provide relevant reporting to the project management & coordination colleagues (issues, milestones)
  • You are also responsible for the testing, integration and maintenance of different applications implemented, and in some cases for the official certification of these new connections
  • You amend/write internal documentation and ensure knowledge transfer inside the team
  • You proactively brief outbound teams so that the user manuals are written, the customer care team is ready to support the customers
  • You liaise with product management who will take care of putting your product on the market in the best way
  • You follow-up the non-regression of the platform and the overall quality of the product delivered in the launch period, together with customer care and product management

Dealing with the challenges of the online payment business

  • You give critical importance to application security and security in general, this being a second nature for you
  • You anticipate the Ingenico ePayments platform usage growth, and build scalable applications to support this growth
  • You understand customer specific performance requirements (peak of ticket sale f.i.) and integrate these in your projects
  • You target zero downtime, attended or unattended, and translates these availability requirements in redundant and resilient applications and architecture
  • You pay attention on (re-)using the most appropriate resources and technologies,
  • You pay attention on keeping the coherence of the platform with existing applications
  • You pay attention on respecting company’s programming standards (including a.o. security and performance guidelines)

 Ensuring platform continuity through monitoring, support and optimisation

  • Together with your colleagues and other teams, you ensure the operational continuity of the whole payment platform, following relevant key performance indicators and proposing actions when necessary
  • You participate to optimize the processes sustaining the good operation of the platform, constantly tracking the waste (reviewing sub-optimal processes, seeking automation when it makes sense)
  • Together with your direct colleagues, you will participate to business hours and after hours application support as technical expert (3rd level)

Becoming a subject matter expert

  • You will progressively build your own spheres of functional and/or technical expertise, and become the person of reference on these matters for your colleagues and other teams
  • Depending on your skills and development, you will take part in cross-domain virtual teams (platform performance, security, fraud detection, financial reconciliation,…)