For an international open source software company, we are searching for talented and passionate engineers who want to work in an open source environment.

Task and responsibilities:

  • You will ship code for a web-based Systems Management application used by hundreds of companies across the world.
  • You will influence the future of the code base, working with upstream and influencing design and implementation decisions.
  • You will also work with users to identify problems, turn them into good bug reports, track progress, and provide feedback back to users.


  • You are experienced with Java, its ecosystem, build tools, servlet containers, debugging techniques, performance tuning, etc. (eg. Tomcat, Struts, Hibernate)
  • Experience with High Availability and scaling of applications is a plus.
  • You are comfortable with some scripting language. Bonus if it is Python because there is a lot of it in the backend code and client agents.
  • You are comfortable with code reviews, critiques, and patches. In both directions.
  • You’re passionate about continuous integration, test driven development, and are used to write automated tests for your code. (Jenkins, JUnit, Selenium, Cucumber, etc.)
  • You understand the Linux Operating System and its low level interfaces (e.g. C, POSIX), development tools (gcc, gdb, git). Familiarity with packaging software for Linux (eg. rpm, deb) is a plus.
  • You have developed web applications (frontends) or services (APIs) and are familiar with the involved technologies. (eg. HTTP, HTML, REST, Javascript)
  • Practical experience with databases (Postgresql, Oracle), schema design, and performance tuning.
  • You are proficient in English.

Please forward your resume to